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Unlocking Personalized Relationships with AI Matching

DePassport uses advanced AI to connect people based on their interests, preferences, and profiles. Say goodbye to swiping and random requests – DePassport adds depth to every connection. Find  mentors, dating, gym buddiesfriends, roommates, & other connection types on the App. Our AI-driven platform offers hyper-personalized matches tailored to each individual for meaningful connections.

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Lucia in sunny Brazil connected with Kenji in bustling Tokyo, sharing tales of their cities and forging a friendship that transcends miles.

Distance is Just a Number. True Connections Know No Boundaries.

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Unlock Opportunities with meaningful connections.

When Mia was at a crossroad with her startup, she found her mentor, Grace, on DePassport. Now, her business thrives in three continents.

Tom used to be skeptical about online profiles. With our AI verification process, He can now connect freely, knowing each interaction is authentic.

Authentic profiles, True Peace of Mind.

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Communities Thrive Best When Built on Trust.

From book lovers in Cairo to tech enthusiasts in Silicon Valley, communities flourish on DePassport, bound by shared interests and trust.

Rosa, a teacher in Spain, created a books lover profile on Depassport. One day, she met Sam, a documentary filmmaker from New Zealand, and a books lover leading to a collaborative project on global education.

With Every Dawn, A New Connection Awaits. A New Adventure Begins.

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How DePassport Works?

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Our Human Connection Revolution

Discover insights, tips, and stories of meaningful connections built on DePassport.

Grateful for DePassport, I connected with Max, a perfect roommate match. We value tranquility and order, crafting a serene and inspiring living space.

Fred Pollack

Meeting Lara, a fellow entrepreneur, led to a startup launch, turning my dreams into reality. DePassport made this inspiring connection possible.

Sarah Montoya - DePassport - Matchmaker

Jemma Simons

DePassport introduced me to Alex, a gamer who matched my style. Together, we’ve conquered games and built a friendship beyond the screen.

Michael Galtier - DePassport - Matchmaker

Michael Galtier

As a devoted pet parent, I found John through DePassport. At the local park, we bonded over our dogs, Bella and Rocky, enriching our lives and pets’.


Jasmine Brown

Jamie and I, united by our love for nature, have shared unforgettable photography hikes thanks to DePassport bringing us together.

Adewale Cole - DePassport - Matchmaker

Andy Cole

Meeting Ella through DePassport was like finding a musical soulmate. Our jazz cafe encounters blended tunes and dreams, bonding us.

Francois Pierre - DePassport - Matchmaker

Francois Pierre

DePassport helped me find my best friend – and a career mentor! It’s so refreshing to have a platform that understands me.

Sarah K - Review

Sarah K.

I finally connected with a professional network that truly values my skills and perspectives. DePassport empowered me.

David M - Review

David M.

Building a community around my passion wouldn’t have been possible without DePassport. Thanks for bringing us together!

Emily L. - Review

Emily L.

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