Find Hiking Buddies on DePassport (Forget #MeetUpForHiking)

Meet Up for Hiking

Tired of impersonal meetups and flakey connections?

DePassport goes beyond just the purpose- find hiking buddies- it connects you with people who share your passion for adventure and the outdoors.

DePassport is the future of social connections. Our AI-powered matching system ditches the randomness and awkward swiping of traditional apps. Instead, we create personalized connections based on your profile, interests, and goals.

Why DePassport is the perfect place to find hiking buddies?

DePassport supports hyper-personalized matching to connect you with people who match your pace, experience level, preferences, and even your sense of humor. The platform prioritizes those who are serious about adventure, camping, rock climbing, and more. Above all, DePassport prioritizes safety with its enhanced security features, giving you peace of mind when connecting with new people.

How DePassport Works?

It is easy and convenient to find hiking buddies on DePassport:

  1. Create your profile: Tell us about yourself, your hiking experience, favorite trails, and the kind of adventure partners you’re looking for. Be specific! Do you crave the challenge of technical climbs, or prefer a leisurely stroll through scenic landscapes? Do you enjoy chatting along the way, or value quiet contemplation during your hikes? The more details you share, the better our AI can match you with compatible partners.
  2. Let our AI do the work: DePassport’s advanced algorithms analyze your profile and preferences to find compatible matches. Unlike MeetUp’s one-size-fits-all approach, DePassport tailors connections to your unique needs and desires.
  3. Connect and chat: Review profiles of potential hiking partners, send messages, and plan your next adventure! DePassport allows you to easily see shared interests and preferred hiking styles, so you can initiate conversations with confidence.
  4. Build lasting friendships: DePassport fosters genuine connections that go beyond just one hike. With shared passions and a love for the outdoors, you might just find hiking buddies who share the same love for the activity!

It’s that simple! Download DePassport and start exploring with friends who share your passion.

Success Stories

See what DePassport users are saying

“For years, I explored the trails alone, looking to find hiking buddies who would match my pace and enthusiasm. DePassport changed everything! I finally found a group of people who hike at my preferred speed of 3 miles per hour, with breaks to admire the wildflowers and take breathtaking pictures. DePassport made my solo hikes a thing of the past, and I now have a fantastic group of friends to share the beauty of nature with.” – Sarah K., an avid hiker.

“DePassport wasn’t just about finding a hiking buddy – it helped me connect with a local climbing buddy who shares my passion for pushing limits. We started with shorter climbs at the local gym, and DePassport’s matching system helped us discover a mutual love for challenging outdoor routes. Now we’re planning a backpacking trip through Yosemite together, aiming to conquer Half Dome! DePassport helped our friendship blossom from a shared love of the outdoors.” – John L., outdoor enthusiast.

“DePassport isn’t just about the hikes themselves; it’s about the camaraderie and the connections you build. Through DePassport, I’ve met a group of amazing women who share my love for exploring new trails. We’ve become close friends, and DePassport has become a platform to share not just hiking adventures, but also tips on gear recommendations, delicious post-hike recipes, and even celebratory brunches after conquering a particularly challenging climb. These aren’t just hiking partners, they’re becoming my friends.” – Mia T., DePassport user.


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How DePassport Works?

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Matchmaker Moments

Grateful for DePassport, I connected with Max, a perfect roommate match. We value tranquility and order, crafting a serene and inspiring living space.

Fred Pollack

Meeting Lara, a fellow entrepreneur, led to a startup launch, turning my dreams into reality. DePassport made this inspiring connection possible.

Jemma Simons

DePassport introduced me to Alex, a gamer who matched my style. Together, we’ve conquered games and built a friendship beyond the screen.

Michael Galtier

As a devoted pet parent, I found John through DePassport. At the local park, we bonded over our dogs, Bella and Rocky, enriching our lives and pets’.

Jasmine Brown

Jamie and I, united by our love for nature, have shared unforgettable photography hikes thanks to DePassport bringing us together.

Andy Cole

Meeting Ella through DePassport was like finding a musical soulmate. Our jazz cafe encounters blended tunes and dreams, bonding us.

Francois Pierre